Taiwan (Tia Lee) plastic surgeries & make up skills

Friday, August 17, 2012

So who the hell are dreamgirls? One of the most famous member in the group is Tia Lee ( Li Yu Fen), the Taiwan lookalike Vivian Hsu (she is known as little Vivian Hsu in Taiwan)....who is she?

Reminds you of Vivian hsu?
Did she had any plastic surgery done? Watch this to find out yourself

Rumours started after her appearance on Guess Guess Guess show ages ago was aired again

Here you goes some of the pictures of her before plastic surgery. She also had boobs implant because there were scars on her armpits (found this comment on youtube) in one of her photoshoot video

Ok so that is abt a Taiwanese gurl who had plastic surgery n yet she look super natural. Wonder where did she had it done. 

Now have a look at how good taiwanese are at doing make up. Below is a famous model on yahoo bid tw. Check it out. If you go to to Ximending, 9 out of 10 girls will put on fake eyelashes, if you haven't try any, try one and see how it actually make your eyes way much bigger than it is. 

It has also become a trend in Malaysia now, big eye contact lenses which are selling at RM15 per pair in pasar malam (my advice.....please buy contact lenses from optical shop. Seriously, it's your eyes your talking about. Imagine the cost of the lense....mind you these stuff are made in china!) False eyelashes are super cheap now like RM10 per box (hard ones, softer man made ones varies from 18 - 20 over per box. Taiwanese normally uses the man made type n put more than 1, I'll post up one of the tutorial made by Taiwanese model on how they achieve the dolly mix look)

So, gurls like to look like Japanese but when u ask guys what kind gurls would they choose Megan Fox, Scarlet Johannson VS Kawaii Jap gurls, western gurls anytime. So don't go over the board acting like a cute doll because we are in Malaysia you can be half half though....contact lenses with lashes but wear clothes from Topshop or any UK brand clothings that will not bring you to a lower level where most Malaysians like to judge, you will be labelled as "Lala" if you have wavy blondie hair with all that plus clothes from Sg Wang. No budget for clothings from this company, check out FOS or Brands Outlets, or simply just shop online :)


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